B24 crew member Arturo Del Monaco

After a stint with the Air Transport Command Band, Arturo Del Monaco flew countless supply missions in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II.

Army heavy artillery specialist Ralph DeBartolo

Trained in heavy artillery, Ralph DeBartolo switched from the smaller 105 howitzer to the massive 8-inch howitzer, targeting the enemy as far as eight miles away.

Army Sergeant Tony Figlioli

Drafted into the Army right out of high school, Tony Figlioli fought his way across Europe, earning five Battle Stars, a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star along the way.


Marine Guard Joe Priola

A Marine Guard in Europe after World War II, Joe Priola had the time of his life while serving his country.

Navy Seabee Anthony Pucillo

As a Navy Seabee, Anthony Pucillo helped create housing and infrastructure for installations throughout the Pacific after the Korean War.

Navy Chaplain the Rev. Vincent Capodanno

Renowned for the powerful bond he forged with the Marines under his stewardship, the Rev. Vincent Capodanno earned the Medal of Honor while willingly sacrificing his life during the Vietnam War.


Air Force Senior Airman and State Department contractor Billy Castellano


After doing three tours of duty during a four-year enlistment with the Air Force, Billy Castellano trained Afghan police as a consultant for the U.S. Department of State.

Army Wolfhound Anthony Langone

A member of an Army regiment known as the Wolfhounds in Vietnam, Anthony Langone spent 30 days under siege in the jungle during the Battle of Boi Loi Woods.


Navy fireman Vince DiCarlo

Serving in the Navy at the close of World War II, Vince DiCarlo watched from a transport ship 10 miles away during the first atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll.

Marine machine gunner Paul Calabrese

Mere months before full-scale battles raged across Vietnam, Paul Calabrese engaged in deadly skirmishes in the jungles around his base camps to ward off enemy incursion.

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