U.S. Army Colonel Daniel Baggio (Retired)

Baggio receives a Legion of Merit Award at his retirement party.

As a media specialist for 12 of his 33 years in the Army, Daniel Baggio regularly put himself in harm’s way to spotlight the positive impact the American military has around the world.

Army NCO CJ Martello

As NCO on an artillery base camp in the central highlands of Vietnam, CJ Martello was responsible for keeping his squad on task and safe in the face of frequent enemy attacks.

Army Major General James M. “Mike” Milano (Ret.)

Ascending to the rank of major general, Mike Milano spent the latter part of a stellar 33-year career in the Army overseeing the training and deployment of hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers and allied police.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Enrico Clausi (Ret.)

In the course of an exemplary 22-year career in the Army, Enrico Clausi has advanced from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel while tackling everything from training soldiers and officers to mobilizing troops and equipment.

Army squad leader Jack Ross

Enlisting in the Army at the height of the Vietnam War, Jack Ross was at constant risk throughout his tour of duty as a point man tasked with scouting out enemy positions.

Bataan Death March survivor Neil Iovino

Badly wounded in the early days of the war in the Pacific, Neil Iovino nevertheless survived the Bataan Death March and 44 months in jungle prison camps.

Army paratrooper Louis Venditti

Venditti (to the left of the soldier holding the flag) and his band of brothers.

As a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne during World War II, it was Louis Venditti’s unenviable duty to jump behind enemy lines in the pre-dawn hours before D-Day and pave the way for the Allied assault.

Army Air Corps Captain Vincent Allegrini

Allegrini receives the Air Medal from General Clarkson.

Trained to fight in the deserts of North Africa during World War II, Vincent Allegrini earned the coveted Air Medal while organizing and overseeing a mission to bring desperately needed supplies to embattled troops in the jungles of the South Pacific.


Air Force refueler Dominic Guerrieri

Refueling fighter jets during Desert Storm, Dominic Guerrieri flew over burning oil fields, saw bomb flashes and witnessed artillery launches into Kuwait.




Air Force/Guard veteran Victor Guerrieri

A member of the Air Force and Air National Guard for 40 years, Victor Guerrieri was responsible for all communications on base and in the field of battle during a nine-month deployment to Iraq in 2010.

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