Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Founded in 2006, the Italian American Veterans Museum celebrates a proud legacy of Italian-American bravery, explores our nation’s storied military history and offers comfort and support to Veterans of all backgrounds.

Goals and Objectives

Located at Casa Italia in Stone Park, Illinois, the Italian American Veterans Museum:

  • gathers, catalogs, restores, archives and displays military artifacts and wartime memorabilia;
  • acquires films and books devoted to military conflicts throughout American history, and the role that Italian Americans have played in those conflicts;
  • acquires and catalogs memorabilia and makes that material available to researchers;
  • spearheads documentaries and other projects and programs that enhance the public’s understanding of Italian Americans in the military; and
  • sponsors events that inform service men and women and veterans of the services available to them, and that create a sense of community and belonging.



The main exhibits at the Italian American Veterans Museum sheds light on out Hometown Heroes, the American Revolution and the Civil War, the World II Home Front, the World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War.

Side exhibits cover World War I, women in the military, the U.S. Army Air Forces, souvenirs of war, military patches and insignias, the national organization known as the Italian American War Veterans, the strategic role of Alaska, lines of communication, military paperwork, uniforms, blades, helmets, military themed toys and more.

The Italian American Veterans Museum also contains a library, an archive of memorabilia, and a small art exhibit.

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