Naval NCO Georgiann Callaway

Opting for the Navy instead of college, Georgiann Callaway found professional fulfillment and adventure on six continents during a stellar 20-year career.

Father/Son Soldiers Joseph & Anthony Siciliano

Though only 2 years old when his father, Joseph, was killed in action during World War II, Anthony Siciliano’s life was profoundly shaped by his dad’s bravery and sacrifice.

Army Colonel Renato (Ron) Bacci (Ret.)

Bacci is congratulated by his uncle, Master Sergeant L.D. Prince, upon his promotion to colonel.

During a distinguished 30-year career in the Army and Reserves, Renato Bacci did everything from helping a nation recover from war to assisting an American police department in its efforts to return lost items to their owners.

Navy Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Troiani (Ret.)

Whether by tracking Soviet subs or teaching members of the U.S. intelligence community about terrorism, Joseph Troiani has been helping keep America safe for more than three decades.

Army Major Lorenzo Fiorentino (Ret.)

An officer in the Army for 20 years, Lorenzo Fiorentino was in charge of anti-terrorism at a base in Kabul that housed the Three Star General Command.

Army Corporal Ralph Imbrogno

A member of a Combat Engineer Battalion during the Korean War,  Ralph Imbrogno spent plenty of time in harms way while maintaining and building roads and keeping the front line supplied.

Navy Machinist Mate 3rd Class Carl Liture

Carl Liture saw plenty of action on board the Shangri-La, which nevertheless survived World War II without sustaining serious damage.


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