Army Corporal Edward DePasque

As a corporal in Korea, Edward DePasque readied howitzer shells for loading, shot flares to guide troop movement at night and even did a stint as a cook.

Air Force Tech Sergeant Ted Micci

Born a century ago in Chicago Heights, Ted Micci is a living testament to the determination of the crews who flew bombing missions over Europe during World War II.

Army Sergeant Frank Calé

Having stared death in the face as a BAR gunner in Korea, Frank Calé was glad to close out his tour of duty as the platoon cook.

Army Sergeant Al Provenzano

As a platoon sergeant, Al Provenzano was responsible for shepherding his men across Europe from Omaha Beach to the brink of Berlin, earning a Purple Heart and five Battle Stars along the way.

Marine Judge Advocate General Bob Larsen

Larsen with Gen. Colin Powell at the Marine Corps Birthday Party in 1991

A newly minted Marine at the start of the Gulf Wars, Bob Larsen was picked to serve in the courtroom rather than on the battlefield.


Two-War Veteran Mario Ortigara

Having served as a weather observer in southern Illinois after World War II, Mario Ortigara never expected to be called back up and thrown into the teeth of battle in Korea.


Navy machinist mate Al Cenofante

A Navy machinist mate during World War II, Al Cenofante kept everything from landing crafts to full-fledged attack transports running smoothly.


Marine Corporal Charles “Muzzy” Ippolito

Charles Ippolito was set to ship off to Korea when he was assigned to a newly re-activated Marine Division that saw extensive combat in the Pacific during World War II.

Army Sergeant Casey Presta

As a member of the 34th Infantry Division during World War II, he battled his way up the peninsula where his father was born.

Navy Corpsman Rich Morbidoni

Assigned to Plane Captain School after boot camp during the Korean War, his dream of entering the medical field came true when he transferred to Hospital Corps School.



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