Army cameraman Gino Bartucci

Born in Italy and trained by the Army as a cameraman, Gino Bartucci toured the American during the Vietnam War photographing atomic bombs, filming bombers flying overhead and helping create documentaries.

Navy reconnaissance photograph Ralph Triggiano

Realizing is dream of becoming a photographer by joining the Navy during World War II, Ralph Triggiano captured the enemy’s presence in the Pacific from 10,000 feet and the horrors of war from point-blank range.

Naval surgeon Dr. Paul Rubino

A surgeon serving in Vietnam, Dr. Paul Rubino still vividly recalls a four-day stretch during which he and his team toiled to save the lives of a couple dozen severely wounded Marines.


Army MP John Del Medico

In one foray into a French village during World War II, John Del Medico and a fellow MP single-handledly took more than 120 Nazis prisoner and freed 800 Russian soldiers from a Nazi prison camp.


Army Rifleman Bruno Perino

“My religion kept me going,” Bruno Perino says of the non-stop combat he experienced during World War II. “Every night in the foxhole I said the Act of Contrition, blessed myself with the Sign of the Cross, and thought, ‘If I’m going, that’s it.’”

Army artilleryman Robert Fuggiti

Choosing to become a cannoneer rather than a medic, Robert Fuggiti spent his tour of duty in Vietnam providing artillery support for American troops on the ground.

Army Technical Sergeant Mario Avignone

Mario Avignone’s stint in the Army turned out to be a blessing, as it led to a friendship with a most remarkable man.

Army Corporal Michael Priami

Earning a Bronze Star and Five Battle Stars as a forward observer during World War II, Michael Priami scouted out the enemy’s presence across Europe, communicating their locations back to the troops.

Marine Corporal/USAFR Staff Sergeant Diana Fecarotta

Choosing between the Peace Corps and the Marines during the Vietnam War, she made a decision that had a profound positive impact on the rest of her life.

Naval NCO Georgiann Callaway

Opting for the Navy instead of college, Georgiann Callaway found professional fulfillment and adventure on six continents during a stellar 20-year career.

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