An Alfred Hitchcock thriller, this 1942 film taps into a very real fear in wartime America: sabotage! Robert Cummings plays Barry Kane, a defense worker in California falsely accused of setting fire to the aircraft plant where he works. He escapes the authorities and sets off on a cross-country journey to track down the real saboteur. In the process he takes a hostage, Patricia Martin, played by Priscilla Lane, and uncovers a Nazi spy ring. While making their way to New York City, Martin begins to trust Kane and soon believes in his innocence. Hot on the trail of the real saboteurs, Kane foils their attempt to blow up a U.S. battleship being launched at the New York Naval Yard. The climactic scene takes place on Liberty Island at the Statue of Liberty, where Kane catches up with the real saboteur and clears his name. Watch closely for director Hitchcock’s trademark cameo appearance.

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Steve Corbo

A founding member and corporate secretary of the Italian American Veterans Museum, Steve Corbo is the museum’s curator and a military consultant for Fra Noi. He has served for 25 years as president of S.A. Corbo & Associates Inc., providing professional liability insurance to health care providers. The son and nephew of World War II veterans and a passionate military historian for over 50 years, he has written and published articles on a variety of topics, including military history, and serves as the military consultant for Fra Noi, the Chicago-area Italian-American magazine.

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