A 15-minute film that packs a real wallop

“Walking Across a Minefield” is a 15-minute documentary that packs a real wallop. It tells the stirring tale of Samuel Lombardo, a World War II veteran who grew up in fascist Italy, came to America with his family in search of a better life, and enlisted in the Army to fight for his newfound country’s freedom. He fought with honor in the Battle of the Bulge, with his greatest act of heroism coming at the tail end of the fray, with Nazis in retreat. His singular act of bravery earned him a Bronze Star and Silver Star as well as a unique memento now enshrined at the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia. “Walking Across a Minefield” is one of nearly 30 entries in “Memoirs of WW II,” a series of short films dedicated to preserving the history of the Second World War and the memory of those who served. Though each entry is roughly 15 minutes long, hours of riveting, deeply personal and excellently crafted military history awaits.

To access Lombardo entry in the series, click here.

To access a trailer and all the clips in the series, click here.

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