IAVM showcases African-American bravery

Americans of color have fought bravely for their country in every war from the American Revolution to the present, but that story has only recently been told in movies like “Glory” and books like “Strength for the Fight.” Today, those tales of valor are being celebrated across the Chicago area, thanks to History on Wheels.

A groundbreaking mobile museum that showcases a proud legacy of African-American courage, HOW hosts re-enactments, exhibits, and presentations wherever and whenever duty calls. The museum is the brainchild of Luther Johnson, a renowned authority and frequent speaker on the subject.

Johnson and his museum made a stop on July 31, 2022, at the Italian American Veterans Museum in Stone Park, where their exhibit and presentation shed light on a compelling dimension of our military history.

The HOW presentation attracted more than 30 attendees, including one American Legion Division Commander and two District Commanders. Attendees donated more than $1,000 to HOW to help realize Johnson’s dream of purchasing and outfitting a new mobile museum.

For more about HOW, click here.


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