Support a dental bill with “teeth”

Veterans for Unification is urging everyone to throw their support behind HR 2413, which would make all Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system eligible for VA-provided dental services. Currently, only Veterans who have a service-connected dental issue or meet other narrow criteria are eligible for certain dental services. The Dental Care for Veterans Act was introduced by Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) and currently has no co-sponsors. It was initially introduced as HR 9141 during the 117th Congress.

Veterans for Unification issued the following instructions in its most recent newsletter. “Call the 866-220-0044 Toll Free number to Congress: Either a live operator or automated voice will ask you for your zip code and then give you options of the congressman whose district includes that zip code. When you are connected to your congressman, ask for the legislative aide and tell them you request that your congressman co-sponsor Bill HR 2413. Please contact family and friends out of state and other Veterans’ organizations to which you may belong regarding this bill: we need co-sponsors. Help us get the word out. And make that phone call now!”

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